TGLS/ Shehzad Khan- Gold Leaf Artisan Gilder in Mumbai India

Metal Leafing in Mumbai

The Origin Of TGLS / Shehzad Khan

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Goldleafing Art by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan

Evolved 75 years ago from house of Pink City International, we have graduated in various dimensions with the changeing trends in commerce and art.

Goldleaf bed by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan

Today as we speak TGLS (The Gold Leafing Studio) is an independent entity, shaping into a Corporate Household of Ace Artisans, that are well bred and polished.

Copper Leafing in Mumbai

Our ethics are traditional but our sesibilities are dynamic, belonging to service sector in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle brackets. The Gold Leafing Studio has categorized our unique art of Gilding art form into various products categories and segments.

Silver Leafing on Table

One this note, Lets indulge in the





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