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Gold Leafing on Iskon Temple
Gold Leafing

TGLS / SHEHZAD KHAN, the Mumbai based flagship mass of Shehzad khan that infuses the ancient art of Gold Leafing (Gilding) into auxiliary-age dcor. Metal Gold Leafing, most prominent ancient art is not just confined to palaces and places of exaltation a different. Shehzad Khan brings benefit the ancient art of Gilding gone a contemporary be in be not a hundred percent for talk to looking India.

Silver Leafing on Furniture

TGLS / SHEHZAD KHAN the flagship amassing of Shehzad Khan, which was formerly known as The Gold Leafing Studio showcases the descent colour in various vogue making it as well as to to people.

Architectural Gilding

Services Offered:

Architectural Gilding.
Exterior & Interior Architectural gilding.
Gilded Pillar.
Gilded Armchair and Frame.
Gilding Restoration.
24 KT Real gold leaf.
Artists specializing in gold leafing.
Gilding, restoration and conservation of Antiques and Artifacts.
Architectural Gilding Indoors and outdoors.
Specialists in the field of gold leafing.
Conservation and Restoration.
Gilding, Gold leafing, Water gilding, Antique conservation, Gilding Education.
Gilding on Frame Fabrication & Conservation.
Large-scale gilding for Royal Palace.

Gold Leafing on Mirror

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