Social Justice is a Crowdsourced Religion
BJ Campbell

I like your list of analogues (starting with “Heretical = Problematic”).

I might add “Penance = Virtue Signalling”. As in, “I want you to say 10 time’s ups and do one company walkout, to repent for your contribution to rape culture”.

That gets to a larger problem, in that the church has mechanisms for contrition, but social justice typically does not. A wide swath of our population finds acceptance in the church, where they can find a path to forgiveness for past misdeeds. Modern feminism seems to offer no such path to a man who has harmed women in the past.

I’m not really talking about rape apologia, more about the ever expanding grey area of harassment claims. Have you had a bad date, before? Pressured a woman for sex in a way that made her feel uncomfortable? Flirted with a woman that didn’t want the attention? Made a sexist joke in mixed company? Cast the net widely enough, and you can catch almost any man as a harasser. If you are accused of harming a woman in any of these ways, the incentive is to deny it, because any admission of guilt typically leads to career suicide. It seems like any transgression should have a reasonable punishment and some path to redemption, but I don’t generally understand what the crimes or the punishments are anywhere. Social justice needs to work out some mechanisms for this, if it hopes to have wider appeal or a more practical role.