Media Lit Post #1

On September 16, multiple calls came in about an abandoned car in the middle of the road. When police arrived on the scene, they were faced with a “ bad dude” who continued reaching into his pocket and refusing to show his hands. The man was shot and killed by white police officer, Betty Shelby. The black man, Terence Crutcher, was discovered to have been unarmed. The shooting later caused an uproar in Tulsa, Oklahoma, adding yet another chapter to the Black Lives Matter movement.

As someone who feels that ‘All Lives’ do not matter until ‘Black Lives’ do, my opinion jumps straight to how Terrence Crutcher was not being seen as a father, a brother, or a son when the situation went down. As the months go by, I feel as though police officers degrade the lives of black people more and more. I believe the situation could have been better handled if police start to really consider the life behind the “target.”

I think the media did a very poor job of covering the situation in full. As a person, who in all honesty, is pretty ignorant to the true story and what happened rather than what I hear from friends and family, I did not know all that Crutcher did in his final minutes before being shot. Once source led me to believe that he followed every command given by the officers but was still shot due to the impulse of Shelby. While another wrote out the situation leaving out that Crutcher was unarmed. Many sources were biased, whether it was in favor of Crutcher or Shelby.

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