Inside the Atlanta Falcons’ New Stadium

For many young readers today, Tim Green is an author of some of their favorite books, like “Home Run,” “Left Out” and, his most recent novel, “Baseball Genius,” which was co-written by MLB legend Derek Jeter. However, what many youngsters are not aware of is Tim’s past career as in the NFL. For eight seasons, Tim Green played as a defensive linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. And as a former Falcon, Tim still has a tremendous passion for the team. And considering Tim’s history, we figured we would take a look at the Falcons’ brand new stadium.

It isn’t hard to notice the incredibly large stadium under construction next door to the Georgia Dome, the Falcons’ current home field. But once you look closer at the new stadium, you will see, not only its grandiose size, but its sheer beauty.

Funded by famed car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, the new stadium will be appropriately titled, “The Mercedes-Benz Stadium.” The project, once completed, will have cost a whopping $1.6 billion, and will be the newest stadium for any NFL team this upcoming season. The stadium can comfortably house 71,000 screaming and cheering Falcons fans and utilizes the new FieldTurf Revolution 360 turf for the field.

What will truly catch the eyes of thousands of fans (and Atlanta residents) is the exterior design of the stadium. The stadium’s design includes a never-before-seen pinwheel design for an NFL stadium. With 8 massive panels, this retractable roof opens up much like the aperture of a camera lens, thus allowing fresh air and natural sunlight. The stadium also boasts a giant glass wall that opens along with the roof. Situated directly beneath the retractable roof is what is being touted as the largest video board in all of professional sports: the 360-degree halo board. Offering fans in any seat a tremendous view of video highlights, stats and live-action footage, this is certainly expected to be the centerpiece of the stadium.

The stadium also features several attractions, such as an in-house restaurant, an art gallery and a new “100 Yard Club,” which is an area featuring concessions, live footage of the game and Falcons-themed content for the most avid Falcons fans to mingle, at no extra cost.

Due to construction delays, there were concerns of the stadium not being ready in time for the start of the 2017 NFL season, however, officials are confirming that the stadium will be finalized and open on August 26th, just in time for the Falcons’ first preseason game.

We are incredibly excited for the opening of the stadium, and August can not come fast enough!

Let’s go Falcons!