When we started working on what would become Sparkswap over two years ago, it was due to a deep belief in the importance of Bitcoin to the future of the world financial system, and the importance of self-custody to the future of Bitcoin.

We built Sparkswap to enable what we see as a core financial activity — trading — without sacrificing self-custody, which is so fundamental to the value that Bitcoin provides. …

After months of hard work, we’re proud to announce Sparkswap Desktop, our new product for buying Bitcoin from your bank account directly to your Lightning Wallet.

At Sparkswap, we’ve been pioneers of Lightning Network atomic swaps for trading, and now we’re using that same technology with the trading pair we use the most: Bitcoin and USD. Not only that, we’ve packaged¹ it up for use on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

We’ve taken our core belief that trading shouldn’t require you to give up custody of your assets, and combined it with the best of traditional fiat on-ramps: clear pricing, instant…

After months of hard work, I’m excited to announce that Sparkswap, the first cryptocurrency exchange built on Lightning Network Atomic Swaps is live for trading on MainNet in its Public Beta.

Sparkswap is a new way to trade cryptocurrency without giving up control of your assets and exposing them to theft and loss. But unlike other non-custodial exchanges, Sparkswap lets you trade across blockchains (including Bitcoin) and trades settle in a few seconds — comparable with centralized and custodial cryptocurrency exchanges.

For the first time, non-custodial trading will be truly competitive with the custodial exchanges. By taking advantage of the…

The below is a deep dive into the technology powering instant settlement at sparkswap, a new way to trade cryptocurrencies without depositing assets on an exchange. It is a technical article, and it is recommended that readers be familiar with the Lightning Network and Atomic Cross-chain Swaps.

Trustless atomic cross-chain swaps have been hailed as a potential solution to the problem of custodial cryptocurrency exchanges, but have largely failed to deliver in terms of significant user adoption. I would argue that a significant reason for that failure is the unacceptably slow speed of finality for trading of ordinary amounts.


I’m excited to publicly share what my team and I have been working on for the past few months: sparkswap.

sparkswap is a new way to trade cryptocurrencies without depositing your assets with a third party or trusting any sort of intermediary. You can trade between different blockchains (currently Bitcoin and Litecoin, with others coming soon), with trades settling in about a second — a transaction time comparable to some of the leading centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

In an industry that, at times, seems to value hype and whitepapers over delivered, working software, we’ve opted for the latter.

Trey Griffith

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