But you’re a GOP insider and pundit, so it must not be fine with you.
Benjamin T. Awesome

I believe your definition of “logical argument” is one which leads to your preferred view of the world? In which case, I doubt you will be very satisfied by my commentary.

Not only is my argument logical, it’s also true. Dems are defecting right and left from a filibuster fight. I predict that there will be no filibuster barring some unforeseen grave revelation about Gorsuch.

One of the fundamental features of the Senate rules is that the minority has a voice. But, it doesn’t have to be. Harry Reid went a long way towards destroying that principal when he invoked the nuclear option. Republicans will not hesitate to respond in kind.

Remember that Democrats are almost certainly going to lose seats in the 2018 elections. Basically, you’re giving Republicans full license to trample all over you for at least the next few years. I do not believe Chuck Schumer is that stupid.

Your argument, “Mitch McConnel is a giant unmitigated douche” so the proper response is “giant unmitigated douchery” gave me a chuckle, but it’s not exactly setting the world on fire in terms of rhetorical excellence.

As hard as it may be for your to admit, Donald Trump won the election. You may feel that we’ve put an incompetent narcissistic internet troll in the White House. But, the fact remains that he must govern nonetheless. Declaring any nominee he puts up invalid and dreaming up inventive slanders to validate that view is not going to help move the country forward.

If I were driven purely by partisan motives, I’d say I hope that people like you are the leaders of the leftist movement. Your policy ideas are pretty terrible. But, thankfully your political strategy is worse. Go ahead, suck American politics further into the gutter.

But, I care about this country more. If you do this, make no mistake, it is unprecedented. If a President you despise cannot nominate qualified candidates to fill his cabinet and receive the consent of the Senate under any circumstances, the proper functioning of our constitutional system of government will become untenable. The advise and consent function of the US Senate is not the stage on which partisan bickering should play itself out. Both parties have contributed to undermining that principal and getting us to this point. But, only one party can end it.

Frankly, the most insulting thing is your the notion that my argument serves a partisan agenda. I am a conservative, but that is mostly coincidental to why I write. I write because much of what I read is nonsense and I hope to unpack complex issues in ways that helps bring a little more understanding to things.

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