Cooperating with Trump on any level with regard to a SCOTUS pick will be impossible for them to…
Benjamin T. Awesome

If Democrats want to go to the mat on Gorsuch, fine with me. You’re funeral. It will not end well for Democrats.

Gorsusch is actually remarkably likable. Democrats have been coming out of the woodwork to speak in his favor. No serious people think he’s a “repugnant, corporatist, misogynist hack.” I’d imagine if a Republican president nominated Mother Theresa, you’d say the same thing.

There are 23 Democrat Senate seats up for reelection next year and only 8 Republican seats. Ten of the 23 Democrats will be running in states Trump won. For those Senators, the upside of handling this nomination responsibly is considerably north of zero.

Republicans did not filibuster the two Supreme Court nominees President Obama selected when the GOP was in the minority. Both Sonya Sotomoyor and Elaina Kagan were confirmed with several Republicans voting in favor.

Garland came at the end of Obama’s term. It’s not the first time the Senate ran out the clock on an opposition party nominee. That is a different matter.

If Dems filibuster, Gorsuch will be approved anyway. But forcing Republicans to invoke the nuclear option will all but guarantee that future nominees will be forced through in a similar fashion. Democrats started this escalation on Judicial nominees when the blocked Estrada during Bush’s term. They would be wise to end it.

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