Jeff Bezos Is Running An Anonymously Sourced Yellow Journalism Campaign Through The Washington Post…
Daniel Reagan Diggins

I’m not so sure about that. Several other people, including me, have independently verified this. My sources confirm that sensitive information was shared, that US officials scrambled to contain the damage, and that the foreign ally who provided the information was livid about.

But more importantly, Trump himself confirmed this morning that he shared information with Russia to do so. But, he says, it was within his right to do so. And, in fact it is — as my piece (and the Washington Post for that matter) point out. He can share anything he likes, classified or not. He’s the only person that can do that.

That Trump was within his power doesn’t mean there will not be consequences for US national security. The information was not ours to share. A foreign intelligence partner provided the material on the condition that it not be shared. Trump broke that commitment. It may cause allies to doubt that the US will keep its promises to protect information in the future.

With Trump essentially conforming the story, I don’t think we can say at this point that this is all made up.

I agree with you. I’d like to see the Republican agenda move forward. But, ultimately as long as Trump keeps shooting himself in the foot, the chances of that are slim. Trump’s problems are largely self-inflicted. We can complain about the media all we want, and there’s fair reason to complain. But, the only person that can turn this around is Trump. I hope he starts to do so, ASAP.

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