BOOK REVIEW: Dirty Boys by John Ligato

John Ligato’s irreverent, hard-charging Dirty Boys is one part fictional thriller, one part warning to a nation that is straining at its ideological moorings.

In Dirty Boys, political correctness, moral equivalence and mindless bureaucracy share the role of antagonist with a cabal of terrorist conspirators intent on destroying America by hollowing out the values at our nation’s foundation.

Ligato’s wise-cracking, streetwise, and decidedly old school FBI agent John Booker doubles as narrator and protagonist. A Marine and son of a street cop who grew up on the wrong side of Philly, Booker has little patience for the careerism and politically-correct foolishness that infects the FBI. For Booker, duty trumps climbing the career-ladder.

Ligato, a counterterrorism expert and retired FBI agent who served in the Marine Corps himself, writes with an authenticity that will be immediately recognizable to anyone who has spent time in the FBI or worn the uniform of a United Stares Marine.

Ligato’s good guys can be recognized by their irreverence, artful use of profanity, deep love of country and willingness to sacrifice for the ideals of liberty, freedom and justice that define us as Americans. The bad guys by their cynicism and lack of humor.

Dirty Boys is a great read set against the great national security and cultural challenges of our times. The twin threats of radical Islamic extremism and political correctness to American values are cast in vivid light through Ligato’s brisk, frequently funny prose.

As entertainment, Dirty Boys is excellent. As an urgent cautionary tale for a nation that just might be on the brink of losing the very things that have made it the greatest the world has ever known, it is essential.