What a freaking joke!
Carolyn Hunter Dickerson

We the PEOPLE don’t believe one word of it!

…Well, I am a person. In the plural I am a people. As far as I can reckon I have as good a claim to We the People as you. Yet, after investing great time and effort carefully reviewing extensive evidence, I am reasonably certain that Russia was behind the DNC hacks, among others. Both of us can’t be right.

I understand that many people may not have the inclination to take the time to look into this to the extent I have. As a service to you the people, I have compiled the evidence in the above post to save you the trouble. I do so without agenda other than a nagging loyalty to facts and my hope (which diminishes with every comment like yours) that there might be others who share it.

Russian hacking almost certainly happened. Whether Russia influenced the election or intended to do so is in in the first place is in far greater doubt, which I address in a separate post here:

Our competing claims to we the people can only be settled if you actually read the post (and not just the headline), consider the information presented and then comment.


Taylor Griffin, person

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