T-Group Deep Dive in San Francisco

Next session: Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 2–7pm

A T-Group is a living laboratory for human communication and connection. It’s a chance to become aware of how you experience, and are experienced by, others, in a small, leaderless group with simple guidelines.

What can I expect at a T-Group?

There’s no structured activity, specific objective, or formal leader in a T-Group. Explaining it to someone who has never been in one presents a challenge, because a T-Group is more of a practice, than an idea. Ultimately, the best way to understand what a T-Group is, is simply to experience one.

What can I get out of T-Group?

T-Group experiences can be anything from confusing and uncomfortable, to rich and deeply transformative experiences. And, oftentimes, they are all of those things, even within the same session.

What you get out of participating in a T-Group can’t be predicted in advance, but some things you might want to go to work on include:

  • Getting better at perceiving your feelings, and translating them into words
  • Noticing when you go into ‘autopilot’, and resisting the impulse to disconnect from the conversation
  • Taking risks to expand your range of self-expression and behavior
  • Engaging in difficult conversations in a way that is direct, but not destructive
  • Unpacking your judgments of others, and actively working to connect with everyone — even the people you don’t like
  • Building intimacy, trust, and connection by showing more of your authentic self to others

I want to T-Group!

Our next session will be on Sunday, April 22, 2018, from 2pm — 7pm in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. There is no cost to attend, and space is limited. Apply now by filling out this form, and we’ll follow up!

Who are the facilitators?

Carl Tashian is a nerd coach in San Francisco. He works with engineers and engineering managers on personal and professional development goals.

Alli Magidsohn runs Meaning Maker, a communications consultancy working with early-stage startups, purpose-driven orgs, & boutique creative agencies.