OPL Gauntlet Predictions


Rosters -

AV — — — -SIN
Ceres // Flaresz
Syb0l // Juves
Triple // Ry0ma
Blinky // FBI
Jayke // Rogue

I’ll preface this by saying this is my game to watch of the whole gauntlet if it’s anything like their previous series. The teams are evenly matched, although not even across the map. SIN have distinct advantages in the top and bottom lanes, whilst AV seem to shine through the middle lane (and when Syb0l gets advantages, he compounds them very well).

I expect the game to go the distance, and if not, to at least four games. In my mind, it all depends on which Syb0l shows up on the day — the game 1 vs SIN Syb0l, or the game 3 vs SIN Syb0l. It seems as if the teething issue AV is experiencing from swapping Chelby out is still not over, and that’s quite unsurprising. After playing with a very loyal member for quite some time, making the cut- throat decision to replace him with a “better” player is sure to leave some lasting issues that simply aren’t fixed in a short amount of time, although they’ve been quick to re-assure people that they don’t perceive there to be any problems there.

A good addition to this game will be the motivating factor between the midlaners — whichever mid wins is likely to be the front-runner for the NSW team in League of Origin, unless there is an absolute stand-out performance from the losing side.

With all personal bias included, I’m tipping the AV crew. A win for them means more video content for us — and that’s a win for everybody.

Prediction: AV 3–1 SIN

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