I understand that friend or foe, it doesnt matter under the law, but it does apparently matter to…
Charles Tyler

I think we are pretty much in agreement. I do agree that this is being treated differently because it involves Russian.

I actually don’t feel that strongly about American exceptionalism. I think my point is best illustrated by a question asked of Paul Ryan today. He was asked if he would take a meeting with a foreign source offering campaign information? A week or month ago, his answer would almost certainly been an unequivocal no. Today he said he’s not going to answer hypotheticals. I think there could be longer term consequences to our country where politicians and voters refuse to take very benign stances against clearly wrong conduct. I do think the bar is being lowered.

The issue isn’t about lies from the President per se. It’s acceptance of those lies. The more lies, the easier it is for people to ignore them. If every body does it, lying doesn’t really matter. It devalues truth and we need to push back against that as much as we can.

I 100% agree that we need to hold Dems to a higher standard.

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