The hypothetical isnt meaningless, as my point is that we as Americans are being hypocritical with…
Charles Tyler

Legally, if a foreign country helps out a campaign, it doesn’t matter if that country is friend or foe. A campaign can’t accept things of value from foreign sources. It does matter if the opposition research was obtained illegally and whether or not you know that. It also matters who is accepting the opposition research. Campaigns are more restricted than other people and Trump Jr. clearly met as a member of the campaign. Anyway…

Maybe a Pence presidency would be worse from a policy perspective, but I think that has to take a backseat to maintaining the integrity of the Presidency. Policies can be overturned, new laws can be passed, but it may be far more difficult to undo damage to our international standing and political norms caused by a Trump administration. I was bothered when Obama lied about people keeping their doctor. I think that damaged his presidency in a number of ways. I am similarly bothered by all the lies from Trump (I think he’s far, far worse, but that’s not my point). It seems like many people have come to accept that our presidents lie. That’s bad.

I agree that some things (CNN wrestling meme) haven’t been blown out of proportion, but the GOP did the same thing with Obama all the time. He’s not wearing a lapel pin….He’s wearing a tan suit…He wasn’t born here!! Democrats should be better than the GOP on those sort of thing, but certainly don’t always meet my expectations. At the same time, this Russia stuff isn’t petty and small like a suit color. It’s a big deal so I’m not sure I “both sides” applies here.

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