Okay I’m Bill Simmons and want to launch a website. Do I:
Alex Wolcott

Okay…I’m a conservative person with a functioning brain and want to read something on the internet. Do I:

A) Read and comment on article written by Obama’s former speech writer even thought I know I’ll disagree with it and call it hackery even though it references plenty of polls and doesn't actually endorse the views of millenials (although he clearly agrees with them); or

B) Find any number of the literally millions of articles I will likely agree with and find interesting somewhere else on the internet.

Option B would seem to be more rational and much more likely to result in a happy, fulfilling life.

Thus, if not being a jerk is in any way part of the equation, perhaps stop reading things you don’t like reading. Bill has had far more success than I can even dream of, so he should pursue his vision for The Ringer and the money will likely follow.

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