newsflash…if you go public and take the $ you are beholden to the shareholders.
David Bailey

Sure you’re beholden to the shareholders, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that shareholders demand higher and higher profit margins, while shipping jobs overseas, cutting jobs and salary, etc. That’s the mentality this article seeks to push back on. I’m a shareholder of various companies (obviously a tiny amount) and I my expectations are far more nuanced than that. 
Certainly your suggestion could address the problem as well. Consumer’s avoiding companies that behave this way is another possibility. But I think the only real way this gets resolved is through full employment levels, leaving employers no choice but to increase wages, and stagnant wages depriving companies of customers and driving down demand. The problem with the later is that easy credit and low interest rates alleviates some of the problems caused by stagnant wages. But we pretty clear did see some consequences of stagnant wages since the 2008 recession.

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