Infertility is the Worst Practical Joke Ever
Allison Temple

Ughhh…I remember having these feelings and remember the tears my wife regularly cried. It’s hard enough experiencing the ups and downs of infertility. On top of that, you get the feelings of guilt when a friend or family member is pregnant and all you feel is pain and jealously. It’s almost impossible not to start questioning yourself: “Why I can’t I just be happy for them?” “Am I a bad person?” And for a variety of reasons both emotional and physical, some of which you address above, it was definitely even harder for my wife. 
I lost my dad at a young age and going through infertility was, in many ways, more difficult. Everyone experiences the loss of a friend or family. Not everyone experiences infertility, so not everyone is as understanding. For what it’s worth, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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