Yaa, that OR they realize that it’s not about one player.

Why do people assume that disagreement with their opinion is a result of someone not actually reading their opinion? I read your opinion. I disagree with it. I think their strategy has been terrible.

Also, they aren’t employing your recommended strategy either. They haven’t saved money by not paying Cousins and used that money elsewhere. They’re paying Cousins $24 million this year. That’s almost as much as Luck. They also offered him a bunch of money, but Cousins (smartly) turned it down.

As Spencer’s comment highlighted; if they don’t think Cousins is good enough, why pay him so much money the last 2 years? If they think he’s average (and thus easily replaceable), why not draft a younger, cheaper alternative? At least then they could have let him walk this year or next year instead of paying him like he’s a top 5 QB (this year) or top QB (next year).

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