A matter of taste, sure, but here is an approach that scales

Is there a perfect method for structuring a React project? The official documentation won’t help you much. React is a library and not a framework, which is why it doesn’t have opinions on how you should build your app.

This is nice because it gives us the freedom to structure our app as we want. Experienced developers won’t find a disadvantage to this, but junior developers might find it difficult to find a way to build a neat structure.

My Philosophy

Each project answers a specific need and therefore needs a specific structure and rules. There are as many bad ways as…

A good tutorial to do your first steps with GitHub Actions

GitHub recently released a feature that allows users to create a profile-level README.md file, that is displayed on your profile page, above repositories.

That’s a great feature you can use to display more information about yourself and your work, especially because it allows more content than the regular profile bio.

You might have noticed how people went crazy and are already pushing the limits of what can be done with Markdown and GitHub!

Begin with solid foundations to keep the excitement kicking in

Day 1 — You bought your <fancy-name>.io domain name and promised yourself you would finish this product for good, this time.

Day 56— <fancy-name>.io homepage is still a 404. You refuse to talk to anyone about what went wrong.

How often do you start a project and give up on it?

Justified by a lack of structure, discipline, or organization, this project that was once your best idea ever gets boring, messy, and doesn’t look as exceptional as when you had your first thought about it.

In short, your project is not even exciting anymore, and you gave up.


Go ahead and try. There is nothing to lose

A developer is someone who writes code. An experienced developer is a coder with valuable programming knowledge, but more than that, they see the big picture. They have the expertise to identify potential pain points at an early stage and suggest solutions.

If those skills are not something you learn at school, this is definitely something you master with time and experience.

You can stimulate this knowledge and acquire this priceless expertise by trying to build your own product. No matter your seniority, the only limits to what you can learn are the ones you set.

Building your own product…

It’s more than just refreshing your resume

Personal branding is an ongoing process of marketing yourself as a brand, as a product.

Using tools and techniques to highlight who you are, it allows your interlocutors to get to know your skills and experiences, combined with your unique personality.

Why Should You Maintain Your Personal Brand?

“Your brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you.” — David McNally and Karl Speak — Be Your Own Brand

There are multiple reasons why you would take care of your personal brand.

  • Get a job.
  • Raise your credibility in an industry.
  • As a…

GlobalThis, optional chaining, private fields in classes, the nullish coalescing operator, and more

As you might know, since ES6 in 2015, a new version of ECMAScript is released each year, by Ecma International’s TC39. ECMAScript 2020 is the 11th edition of the ECMAScript Language Specification.

This new iteration comes with its own batch of new features — let’s review them!

1. ‘globalThis’

The JavaScript language is quite popular now and can be used in a wide variety of environments — in web browsers, of course, but JavaScript can also be run server-side, on smartphones, robotically, etc.

Each environment comes with its own object model and syntax to access the global object. …

There’s at least one tip in this list you probably don’t know

What would we do without shortcuts? I personally use shortcuts hundreds of times every day, and I’m sure you do too.

Reducing the need for reaching for the mouse and spontaneously using a shortcut to accomplish a task is incredibly time-saving.

Here are some more shortcuts to boost your productivity.

Open DevTools to the Last-Used Panel

Mac: ⌘ + ⇧ + I
F12 or Ctrl + ⇧ + I

This is definitely easier than going to the main menu, hovering over the More Tools submenu, and then clicking on Developer Tools.

Select an Element to Inspect in the Page

Mac: ⌘ + ⇧ + C
Ctrl + ⇧ + C

If DevTools…

Don’t be lost during your next meeting

Are you lost in the tremendous jungle of programming and would love to be able to communicate with your 10+ years of experience coworker?

Here is a glossary of many terms you might hear, every day, at your workplace, to get started.

The list could always be improved with more terms but these are the ones I hear the most and therefore consider useful for beginners!

I tried to keep definitions as simple and shorter as possible. But, as it is hard for some terms to be explained within a few lines, don’t hesitate to dig on your own. …

Some daily activities to help you stay on the cutting edge

How do you stay a relevant developer when there are so many releases every day — new programming languages, new libraries, and trendy new ways of coding?

Keeping up-to-date with so many online resources can feel overwhelming.

A quality “tech watch” is part of a programmers job. Staying relevant is just as important as your other missions.

This piece is a list of activities you can do. Do them at different moments of the day and build your own strategy for an efficient tech watch.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Newsletters are curated publications that may interest you. …

Show how prepared and interested you are

Recently, I’ve had the chance to take part in technical interviews, as the recruiter. To be on the other side of the table, analyzing how candidates perform, is a great experience!

My role was to prepare assignments to give to the candidates, perform the selection of those who did a good job, and interview them on-site.

I only have a short experience in interviewing candidates. …

Thomas Guibert

Hey! I’m Thomas, a french guy living in Stockholm. Fullstack JavaScript developer, I write about programming and developer’s lifestyle.

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