A matter of taste, sure, but here is an approach that scales

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Is there a perfect method for structuring a React project? The official documentation won’t help you much. React is a library and not a framework, which is why it doesn’t have opinions on how you should build your app.

This is nice because it gives us the freedom to structure our app as we want. Experienced developers won’t find a disadvantage to this, but junior developers might find it difficult to find a way to build a neat structure.

My Philosophy

Each project answers a specific need and therefore needs a specific structure and rules. There are as many bad ways as there are good ways of structuring your app. …

A good tutorial to do your first steps with GitHub Actions

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GitHub recently released a feature that allows users to create a profile-level README.md file, that is displayed on your profile page, above repositories.

That’s a great feature you can use to display more information about yourself and your work, especially because it allows more content than the regular profile bio.

You might have noticed how people went crazy and are already pushing the limits of what can be done with Markdown and GitHub!

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Thomas Guibert’s Profile page

Above is my GitHub README at the time of writing this article.

I use it to tell it more about myself, show a list of my Open Source Projects and their status. Which is also useful for me as I can see quickly if I have any new open issues on them. …

Begin with solid foundations to keep the excitement kicking in

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Day 1 — You bought your <fancy-name>.io domain name and promised yourself you would finish this product for good, this time.

Day 56— <fancy-name>.io homepage is still a 404. You refuse to talk to anyone about what went wrong.

How often do you start a project and give up on it?

Justified by a lack of structure, discipline, or organization, this project that was once your best idea ever gets boring, messy, and doesn’t look as exceptional as when you had your first thought about it.

In short, your project is not even exciting anymore, and you gave up.

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and keep focused on what matters until you ship. …


Thomas Guibert

Hey! I’m Thomas, a French dude living in Stockholm. Fullstack JavaScript developer, I write about programming and developer’s lifestyle.

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