Wyatt Greenway
Nov 12, 2019 · 1 min read

Good article! One recommendation though: You should clarify that by “walking out” you really actually mean “giving up”.

My wife and I have had many moments where one of us “walks out”. This is a healthy activity if done properly. We have agreed between us that we won’t ever “give up” on one another, but time and space apart really does do wonders for the soul, and for the mind to have time to hash things out in silence. So we have agreed that when we “walk out” will will 1) Tell the other roughly where we are going, and when we will be back, if we know, 2) Want space and silence for a while, but we make it clear that we will be back, 3) We have pre-agreed that this type of activity is okay, and that we will give this (the benefit of doubt and support) to each other when the “I need space” card is drawn. In short, through trust, agreements, consent, and understanding, we have evolved into a zone where we give each other the space they need when the “walk out” happens, we do our best to communicate the “I need space” need, and to support each other in it. “Walking out” doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and often times can be a healthy thing if you just allow it, and support it, lovingly.

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