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My Introduction to Data Science

A few years ago, I was introduced to some real-world implementations of Machine Learning. The concept of “Machine Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence” has been around for as long as I can remember (granted, I have only been programming seriously for ~10 years now). They were simple explanations but they were attempting to provide solutions to real-world problems that were occurring in our space. As I write, I do not remember the problems or solutions that were presented, but I do remember one thought blaring in the back of my mind:

That is interesting and should’ve started with Machine Learning yesterday.

This entire article is going to proceed with a single assumption:

Humans don’t like change.

This idea has been debated and talked about by many people, so I will not debate on whether this is a valid assumption or not. If you don’t agree with this hypothesis, then you might as well stop reading, but I appreciate you taking the time to get this far!

That being said, humans will naturally gravitate to whatever is “new”, but as close as possible to anything that we already know. …

Now that we got that over with, here is the TLDR of why I always include the Lodash library in (almost) all of my web development projects:

  • Assumption #1: Functional-style code is easier to understand than imperative-style code
  • Assumption #2: Native functions have “gotchas”
  • Assumption #3: The .chain() method is the real beauty of the library
  • Assumption #4: Execution performance is less important than code readability / maintainability (most of the time)

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