Recommendations for consciousness

A little consciousness goes a long way. Let these simple ideas be daily guides for a more aware way of living.

1. Don’t waste food

This is a moral imperative, and an economic one. Accidents happen, but make every effort to prevent this. Food is our most precious resource.

2. Save bugs

Inevitably we’ll come in contact with a spider or a fly in our home. Don’t let your first reaction be to squash out life. Find a cup and a piece of paper, collect it, and let it outside.

3. Turn the water off in between

While you are soaping up in the shower, or brushing your teeth, turn the water off. We are blessed to have such clean and warm water.

4. Catch the sun on the horizon

You have two opportunities every day. If you’re pressed for time, or if it’s a particularly cloudy day, try to find the moon, gaze at the stars, or watch the clouds for a few blissful moments.

5. Call your parents

They are the first people that loved you.

6. Patience while driving

Let pedestrians cross or cars merge. This ease in an otherwise tense environment will calm and empower you.

7. Move yo body

Stretch, walk, jump, climb, run, swim, dance, bounce…

8. Read before bed

Reading is an act of expanding the mind (try to limit reading from glowing screens, it helps you to sleep easier)

9. It’s OK not knowing

There’s a lot we don’t know. It’s imperative that we acknowledge this so we can open ourselves up to new knowledge—call it “intellectual humility”

10. Ask working people how their day is going

The person behind the counter, in the booth, or on the phone is just another person in this interconnected world of people. We must acknowledge each other.

11. Make a list of your values

Ask yourself what you value, and see if you are living in that way.