Apple Launched the iPhone Nine Years Ago Today (video)

Lots of companies like to boast that their tech is revolutionary, but when Apple unveiled the iPhone on 9 January 2007, they literally revolutionized smartphones.

With its small, low-resolution screen, the iPhone didn’t look like much. it was mocked for not having a keyboard or a camera, and it still managed to outsell any other smartphone that year and became the standard by which all other smartphones were designed.

Here’s the original launch video from 2007. (The phone doesn’t look like much by today’s standards, does it?)

Interesting footnote: The iPhone was quickly cloned, and not just by Chinese OEMs. Just to give you an idea of how revolutionary the iPhone was, there’s a good chance we would not have Android as we know it today without the iPhone.

Google’s first Android smartphone design looked more like a Blackberry than a smartphone. It had a keyboard and menu buttons but no touchscreen. That design was developed in late 2006, and discarded in January 2007 after the Google engineers saw the iPhone for the first time. Instead Google went with the HTC Dream, which hid a hardware keyboard behind a 3.2" screen.

Do you suppose copying a few key details from Apple’s smartphone helped propel Android into second place for mobile OSes? (Copying Apple certainly helped Samsung sell smartphones.)