CRM — Customer Relationship Management and how to choose one?

This is a quick article talking about CRM solutions that new start-ups and small-medium businesses can deploy in their business.

I was asked an interesting question by one of our clients while solving an issue they were having, “what is the best CRM platform to deploy in our business?”.

I replied “Well, it depends. Firstly we need to answer a few questions before a solution can be recommended” and I proceeded to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss their CRM needs.

A few questions that you should consider if you are thinking of changing or getting started with a CRM solution. I listed these questions below:

  • At what stage are you in the business cycle — start-up, small-medium business or an enterprise-level company?
  • Is it just for the sales and marketing team or it is for the entire company to use?
  • Can you easily integrate the CRM platform into your business processes?
  • Are you looking for a cost-effective CRM or comprehensive CRM solution?
  • What is your present budget allocation for a CRM solution?
  • Are you are willing to pay more for more features in a CRM solution?
  • Will the solution require additional components to be purchased before the platform works effectively?
  • Does the solution need to be located on-premises or can it be a cloud-based CRM platform?

To further aid your search for a CRM platform, I have also listed 5 CRM platforms below that most entrepreneurs, career professionals and organizations are currently using.

  1. Dynamics 365
  2. Salesforce
  3. Oracle
  4. SAP
  5. Hubspot

Note: PVBitsTech uses a combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (as a part of our business & for client demos) and HubSpot (as a part of our business).

We use Microsoft Dynamics 365 actively in our business as a way to demonstrate the usefulness of integrating Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 into one platform for business collaboration and productivity reasons.

If you would like to research even further on CRM platforms to deploy in your business, you can use this site here.

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