Embrace the Introvert In You

Ever wonder why you feel so drained out and unsettled after a long day, while others seem to be perfectly functioning in tip-top condition at the end of the day? Well, if you’re one of those that constantly feels drained or “heavy” at the end of the day, it’s perfectly normal, you just need time to boost up for the next day so you can function and complete day-to-day tasks like a human!

Throughout these years, I’ve slowly become more accustomed to my character and become more aware of the actions I take when I encounter certain situations that never fail to happen time after time, consequently pondering on my actions and whether they are a genuine and full reflection of my inner well-being (or turmoil). I’ve gathered only a few, but really realistic tips that I took years to realise.

1. Unless you desire challenge, don’t force yourself into situations just to fit in.

It’s easier being yourself than having two personalities. Of course it’s important to tweak your behaviour once in a while to mould into your environment more comfortably, but if you’re going to need a major “revamp” to fit in, then I suggest you say no to the situation and find some other adaptable environment.

2. If you’ve got nothing to say, just shut it.

From previous experiences, trying to add on to conversations even though I can sense an impending dead end will exacerbate the situation. When you say things you don’t fully believe or stay true to, there’s no conviction in it and it immediately hits you off the track. Learn to tolerate, or embrace silence when there’s nothing more to add on.

3. You don’t need to be talkative to make friends

I usually prefer mingling with more reserved people because I don’t feel the pressure to participate in conversations actively, which is what I really like. People will naturally come to you if you be you; it’s the diversity of personalities that draws random people together in this world. Some people enjoy loud and upbeat company, others just want to keep things minimal. Say things of value, don’t be afraid to speak less.

Ironically, talking to strangers may be a great way for those of you wanting to step out of your comfort zones. As intimidating as it may sound, speaking to strangers is actually one of the easiest and relaxing things to do. There is no anticipation from either party and you can leave once you’ve reached your limit, but not taking away the benefits of learning to socialise.

I still learnt that we introverts, given the nature of human beings, still need to talk at some point in time. Cooping yourself up in your own head will do more harm than good. Allow yourself to seep into the world and slowly integrate yourself at a level that is comfortable for you. Take your time, you’ll get there.

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