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An entire column for a double reverse jinx! Screwing Knicks fans while adding unnecessary Karma to Boston…it’s like performance art.

Clearly, Ainge should be rewarded for accumulating assets. But not pushing the “go for it” button is a travesty IMO. Congrats, you’ll get one of Jackson, Ball or Fultz who will start to matter once you can no longer afford 2 of Bradley, Smart, IT and Crowder…and Horford is 34. Not to mention they have 2 first round picks in Europe, and had to cut RJ Hunter (maybe he isn’t that good, but still a 1st round pick) because they were too crowded. They couldn’t send a mediocre offer to the Knicks for Carmelo to at least look like they wanted to make a run at the Cavs? They wouldn’t win, but knowing Phil would’ve taken a bag of peanuts you can at least look like you’re cashing in something.

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