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Brooklyn has effectively turned 3 months of Bogdanovic on a team that won 20 games and 1 year of Lopez + 3 years of cap space ( 2 useless) into:

DeAngelo Russell, Raptors 2018 1st and 2nd round picks, 2017 1st round pick (Jarrett Allen) and the potential of Crabbe playing anywhere in the ballpark of his contract.

That doesn’t seem like a ton, but considering there is a 0% chance they could’ve been good in 2017–2019 due to the Celtics trade, it’s a pretty good haul. 2 of the 3 years on these contracts are lost years to test out young players anyway, so it should be looked at as 1 year of wasted cap.

They’re going to play fast…a team will fall for Crabbe if he’s still shooting 44% and averaging 18 per game. He could be flipped for even another future pick.

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