#wfe1 Previous Learning Experience

Studying at the University of Jordan provides a successful and a failed learning experience at the same time. I have studied Dentistry and got a very good GPA. I graduated to be a good practitioner, however, our doctors completely failed to teach us how to research or how to write in terms of our study. I remember doing a tiny research just before graduation that was all about CTRL+c and CTRL+v ,however, referenced. I have seen this happen with students from all faculties. Although most of graduating students possessed excellent knowledge, they failed in being creative and finding an innovative solution to problems. This is due to the memorization approach followed in the education system in universities and schools alike. We did not learn how to think about the thing we studied. We were only tested for what we know. If we wanted more, it needed to be our effort.

One thing we learned well is to work under pressure and to fight our own fight for knowledge. Successful students had to get creative on their own to excel and shine. I don’t want to sound very grim but I think we all agree that a university graduate that does not know how to write his own essay is a catastrophe.

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