The beloved breakfast of South India

We bring you south India’s beloved, easy-to-make, healthy, and nutritious breakfast Upma recipe. You can cook within 5 min.

Here is the video link to the recipe:


a. Vegetables: You can pick vegetables of your choice

b. Mustard seeds

c. Curry leaves

d. Ghee

e. Urad and Gram lentils

f. Cashew

g. Green chilies

h. Tomatoes

i. Onions


a. I have taken a pan and we will put some ghee in it. I prefer ghee if you want to use run oil, then you can do that.

b. Now we will add some spices to it as soon as the ghee is heated. I will first take mustard and put it. As soon as the mustard seed crackles, put some urad dal and gram dal peeled, and then fry it a little further, as if it started smelling nice, mix it lightly. Now we will put curry leaves in it, so here I am using dried curry leaves because fresh leaves are not available.

c. I have taken some cashews and put cashew pieces in it put it. Reduce the flame. Then here we will take a chopped onion and fry it lightly. I do not want to brown it at all, I will fry it till it becomes transparent. I have taken green chilies and added them.

d. Now the onions are well fried. Then we will take semolina here. I am making it for two people, I have taken two cups of semolina. I will use semolina, now after this, add it and fry it for 2 minutes more. Fry it on low flame for 2 minutes. I don’t even have to brown it, just fry it till the rawness is gone.

e. The semolina is ready. Now here I have taken a tomato and chopped it. Now we will put it in the. Put tomatoes in the last because we don’t want it misty.

f. The vegetables should be crunchy in them. If we fry the tomato first, then the color of the whole semolina would have changed, so we will put it in the last. You can also add vegetables like capsicum. Cut it into small pieces.

g. Cut it and put it, capsicum is also good, you can add vegetables of your choice here, here I put the water in an electric kettle to heat the water, if I add hot water then it becomes quick and your semolina. If you don’t have an electric kettle you can also separately boil the water in a different kettle and use it.

h. Even after adding water, we will fry it for two minutes, then here we will I will add a little salt according to the taste.

i. I will mix it now and I like Upma very much and it also helps in weight loss, you can add a lot of vegetables if you like. j. Your Upma is completely ready. It looks very tempting. I will switch off the stove. It’s time to serve. I made it for two people. South Indian breakfast seems to be number one. Tell me which is your favorite South Indian breakfast. Let me know more in the comment below. I like Dosa, Idli, Uttam. If you liked the recipe, then don’t forget to like share comment subscribe. Don’t forget to press the bell icon to give the latest upcoming videos and see you in the next video. Till then take care and good bye!



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