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It has been a long time I haven't published on Medium. Recently I jump into a situation where I met many junior designers and had lots of discussion with them. From time to time, the most common problem is the lacking of design thinking in their portfolio and their works.

So what is that basic design thinking? It’s not the things we see everyday on the internet with diagram, steps, loop. It’s just the very basic thoughts behind a design decision, and it starts from the design elements.


These tips will help you understand more clearly about the differences between Graphics design, Visual Design, UI and UX design.

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1. Forget everything you know about visual design and stop doing anything related to it

In at least the first 3 months when you start practicing UX design. Stop doing UI design even thought you are designing a new website, designing a new application. Especially a must not for Graphic or UI designers who want to learn new skills of UX design

Most of the time, UX designers tasks rarely require UI design skills. Another thing is if you start thinking about visual elements, you may go into the wrong direction or out of the…

In this article, I will share about how we (the product team at Lazada) solved business problems (reduce shipping cost handled by Laz) by understanding customer’s motivation and looking at the customer data, following their journey and give them the right information at the right time.

More than that, we also explored more opportunity to increase AoV, basket size and encourage customer to enter their location.


Lazada Indonesia offers two shipping options (‘standard’, ‘GoJek’) depending on location of items and customers. Customer shipping fees for the ‘standard’ option will vary depending on multiple factors:

  • (Assumed) package weight(s)
  • Value of seller…

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Lazada is the biggest E-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has operation in 6 countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. Its checkout process is complicated and also because of fast pace development, the design is not consistent and still has a lot of usability issues. Working at Lazada, I spend most of my time day in and out designing new features. However I really like to have my own time did some exercises to see if I can have a look back at the design and improve it. …

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William Iven

I got many questions from my friends. So what design process do I use? How do you start? What and how many steps are there? If I just say in a small chat I believe many of my friends will do it wrong. So let’s break it down here.

Editor’s note:

It has been more than one year since I first published this article on medium. I realized there are so many people found my article on Google search (40% of traffic comes from Google Search). I’m happy that my writing can somehow help everyone get the first understanding of…

Things we think we know but actually we don’t know enough about UX.

Short Story

Everyone talks about UX, and does UX design, but not everyone approaches the right way. There will be misconception, which lead to wrong understanding about UX/UI design and the relationship between them.

Long story:

UX is not new, but still is hard for a designer or product manager to understand the concept and get a whole view about it.

So at least if you are here to read this post, you must knew something about UX, or heard of it, or you really are an…

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