It’s a New Year and in a scaling company there is always lots to do when it comes to People Ops. So here are my top tips for getting sh#t done in 2018!

It’s really easy to be distracted by the little things when you are in a role like People Ops and Human Resources. Not only are we the custodians of a lot of back office infrastructure which, honestly, can be a little monotonous (but essential), we are also horizon seekers. …

We’ve been looking for a while at what we can practically do to make a job in the UK’s tech sector more accessible to a wider range of people. After looking at a variety of organizations, CodeYourFuture immediately caught our attention as a non-profit organization that support refugees with the dream of becoming developers. And that is why we are sponsoring them.

Many asylum seekers and refugees have a desire to build up their technology skills, but their lives are interrupted and they’re forced to leave their studies unfinished at home. …

Thaisa Money is our first talent acquisition and people operations hire. Having worked across the European businesses of RetailMeNot and Take Eat Easy, she has seen both the giddy heights and crushing lows of being in a startup. Here are her lessons for Geckoboard.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always believed that in Human Resources you should treat people with respect! Someone’s taken the time to apply so I should take the time to respond. Why do so many companies get this wrong?

You don’t need to look further than candidate and employee reviews on sites like and

Thaisa Money

Lover of working with people and making things happen.

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