Fluidity, instability and other thoughts

I went abroad to study English and now, after 2 years that I came back, I am sure it was a good decision. Beyond all the cliché about going abroad that we get more independent, develop initiative, and adaptation skills (and of course cross cultural and language skills), I learn that everything is unstable and fluid and we need be in constant change to keep up. And life keeps challenging ourselves….when you started learning how things work, here it comes life “now let’s see if she can put up with this new thing”.

However, that fluidity and instability of life is actually something great! It frees us: we really do not have to follow the classical path of job, marriage and kids and we do not have to get crazy when things end up differently of what we planned. And it frees, because everything is going to change, so we have to change too. And more important, there is no such thing as stability in life, so sooner we have this in mind, more prepared we are for the changes, and more flexible and open-minded we can get.

That is the most important thing I learn in the past years: life is fluid, and life is going to joke with us. It is always be a new challenge: an annoying boss, a 3kg that are difficult to lose, a house with problems. And if we stress too much about these things or think that we just can be happy if we live in a bigger house, or change jobs, we will be unhappy forever.

We are in this life to adapt ourselves, to change, to improve, and that’s the beauty of fluidity. It is like water, it is always countering rocks, passing through ugly areas to finish up falling nicely in a wonderful waterfall. We should see life annoyances or challenges like that: opportunities to change so we can create a more beautiful, harmonic version of ourselves.

“You old sorcerer,” the boy shouted up to the sky. “You knew the whole story. You even left a bit of gold at the monastery so I could get back to this church. The monk laughed when he saw me come back in tatters. Couldn’t you have saved me from that?”“No,” he heard a voice on the wind say. “If I had told you, you wouldn’t have seen the Pyramids. They’re beautiful, aren’t they?”

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