Shun Protest and Do Yoga

Making my way towards college, I see many people holding protest sitting at different corners of arts faculty and law faculty,everyone having different issues.It is good to see that the students are actively participating in the democracy by raising their voice against things they don’t like. But looking at the frequency of protests in India , a new question has surfaced i.e. to what extent is it justified?

is it justified that the students ,who are pursuing professional courses and yet keep bunking classes , when fail in exams sit on protest?(seriously, WTF law faculty?)


is was justified when the students of one of the reputed colleges protested for the cancellation of tests?


Well, I asked the same questions to an IITian friend and also asked him Why Don’t they also protest at IITs as frequently as we do in Delhi University? He replied “as long as the issue is not big enough, we don’t give a shit.After all, we also have to prepare for placements”.

Bingo! I got the clue. Colleges /Universities having good placement record see less students protest as the students are busy preparing for interviews

On the other hand, other university students, having given up the hopes of getting a job, get involved in different things and as they say that “An IDLE MIND IS A DEVIL’S HOME”, these poor students end up wasting their valuable youthful years in petty fights.

They get frustrated.They blame the government.They blame the nation and they develop a feeling of hatred towards them , which is evident from their way of protest.

Some of you may be spending days shouting “We want freedom”, “Kashmir wants freedom”etc. Listen dude, I WANT FREEDOM FROM YOUR BULLSHIT .

The reasons are:

  • I am sick of you guys blocking the roads when I have to reach somewhere on time.
  • I am sick of your destroying public property which my dad pays tax for( and your dad too).


Some of you guys just want to get rid of all the fucking shit that still prevails in the society since ages but you can’t lead .So, you follow.But my friend,follow sane people.

Because there is a fine line between a revolution and a riot.If lead by a well learnt,wise person like Gandhi or Ambedkar,a protest turns into a revolution.

But if led by some butt head fucking rascals, a protest turns into a riot.

Ask yourself, What kind of student protest do you want to be a part of?

  • The one which led to the downfall of Indra Gandhi’s MONARCHY
  • the ones which are organised nowadays

Make your choice carefully.And if somebody approaches you with the idea of protest that does not fit your choice,tell them to shun protest and do yoga