You have a dream…. But

You have responsibilities too. After all, you are not a child anymore and life isn’t a fairytale. But before you tell give me reasons and excuses, just think for a moment. Be honest and think “ Are you really helpless or you have just started to be hopeless?

Remember when we were kids, how confidently we would tell people what we wanted to be ? Cricket player, doctor, astronaut. Now, all my friends are graduating from college and when I ask the the same question, they tell me that it is the last question they want to answer.

Now, I am not a success guru but there is one fundamental rule I know “ For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” If life holds you back, your natural response should be to push forward.

Take every test of life as an opportunity. I know, you always wanted to be a photographer. You are really good at it. But life made you a salesperson. You think it’s over. Actually, not yet. It just got bigger. Before you quit your passion and throw your camera into your camera away, all you need to remember is that people who know how to click photos become photographers, people who only know sales become salesperson, but people who can do both own the studio. Own the studio.

You need to make sales? do it. Learn sales monday to friday, improve your shots on weekends. Keep reminding yourself that one day your photos will be worth more than the stocks of the company you work for and one day, they will be. Until then, keep this in mind:

Everyone makes compromises.

Everyone tastes defeat.

Only few of us have the courage,

to keep standing on our feet