8 Popular companies use Django for their web applications

There are many popular companies that uses Django to build their web applications. Some of them are displayed below:

Here are most popular companies using Django-

  • Instagram-Instagram is a very popular social app. Django is at the core of Instagram and Django has great integration with other technologies like iOS & Android apps. It enables Instagram to launch quickly and handle millions of active users at the same time.
  • Disqus- The developers used Python and Django to build the app from scratch. They wanted their websites to be handle a huge no. of active users at the same time. They also made sentry, an app that checks for errors and this is a state of the art technology also based on Django.
  • Mozilla Firefox — So I guess all of you must have worked a little on firefox. Okay if not, so mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed by the mozilla Foundation
  • Spotify — Spotify has transformed the way we listen to the music, it does by ML implementations via Python. To integrate things, it uses Django for its web-applications and thus, you get a full python experience on Spotify.
  • YouTube- They were using PHP before, but now they are shifting towards Django. Django is a big help to the YouTube team of developers, allowing them to act quickly & flawlessly. At the same time, maintaining the security and speed of the website.
  • RobinHood
    Drawing from English folklore’s Robin of Locksley, Robinhood doesn’t go quite as far as stealing from the rich, but the mobile app does allow regular folk to buy and sell stocks — typically only afforded to the affluent — without trading fees.
  • Pinterest — Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. You can find and save recipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try.
  • Reddit

This website had 542 million visitors every month across 2017, making it the fourth most visited website in the United States and seventh most visited in the world. In 2015, there were 73.15 million submissions and 82.54 billion pageviews. And behind it all, forming the software backbone, was Python

There are many more ,but i have listed only renowned companies ,so that you can better understand scope of django.

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