Top 6 Reasons That Books Are My Best Friend

Books have always been my best friend and will forever be, but I had a tough time fighting with the world and making them understand what I am, what my heart craves for. Read the entire story here.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” ― Jorge Luis Borges

I am an Introvert trapped in a body of a girl who is made extrovert by the society. As a small girl I was happy in my world where I would cherish my moments with my beloved books. But the world never actually liked it. I was pestered for not talking to my friends, family and relatives especially cousins who visited us in summers. My mother who used to love me a lot was worried that why I don’t talk to anyone. She keep getting complaints from everyone including my school teachers and was really annoyed. She kept telling me that you should talk often and not bury your nose in the books all the time. Indians are chatterbox, they really are and they make you one of them if you want to live with them.. Disclaimer: This is no fiction and is a real story.

Now that I am a mum and have 4.5 years old son I am responsible for inculcating the reading habit in him since he was few weeks old. I would show him pictures and he will be happy, I would read him short stories and he would laugh. Now that he is a toddler he himself bring his favorite books every now and then to me and I will read it to him. I believe we should all develop the habit of reading, storytelling in our kids.

Sharing with you all the Top 10 Reasons That I believe Books Are My Best Friend:

1) Books are amazing, they have so much information inside them: I guess they are the best source of information even though we have Google, books will never cease to amaze us what is inside them. A quote simplifies the point, No two person ever read the same book. When we are doing google we follow what is shared there, but inside the books we are different person. The Vedas, Puranas can’t be the same on Google than in form of books per se.

2) Books develops imagination: “There are many ways to enlarge your childs imagination and books are the best of them all.” When I was in college I picked Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and a different imaginary world filled my mind. However, when I was working and picked up it again I had a completely different imaginary world coming out. Thus at various stages of life when you read the same book, you get different meanings out of it because your experiences of the world changes quite often.

3) Books are huggable : Every night I read a book and while sleeping I hug that book. The books stimulates a love for the literature in me and that keeps me busy with the best of the thoughts. I cannot sleep until I am surrounded by books no matter how tired I am. Books give me the warmth and the peace of mind in the end. So, do you want a hug? It’s free!

4) Books make it easier for you to pick friends: The first question I ask a person when I meet them is which all books they have read and what are the experiences from them. I make a note of all that in my mind and statistically 100% of the time, I pickup the best of the people as my friends. However at the same time I do believe that “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

5) Books do not judge you: You must have heard this or read this umpteen times that “Do not judge a book by its cover”. But the fact is when I visit a library or bookstore some books attracts me towards them. Some books leave me free and some books make me free. I pick both of them at times. I know I have to read this book when I pick otherwise I won’t be able to work freely, the thought of the book keep crossing my mind again. When I read them I am not judged in anyway that which character I correlate with or is it a mix of the characters, neither black nor white, I am grey. I am not judged on what I am by books and thus I seek solace with them in a world where you are judged for every teeny-weeny things.

6) Books gives me strength. Reading gives me power. The power to face any adverse situations and the very fact that making my life phenomenal by reading, reading and reading is a proof of that. They provide me unlimited power. Whenever I feel low, I go to a book. Whenever I feel depressed a book tell me that the very evolution of you is important, that your life is important. In the end I am thankful that I am the way I am and that I have got the amazing friends in numerous books I have.