Top 6 Reasons Why THE WOMEN Should Negotiate Today

I am talented, I worked so hard for this project/program still I am feeling frustrated as to why I didn’t get promotion, the required hike, salary, position blah blah. Aren’t these questions keeps boggling your mind often?

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.
 — Maya Angelou

How many times have you heard from egotistical men, that this girl is tough, or she is a bitch rather when women are growing in their fields? Women are considered Devi, Durga, Kaali in India but how many of you really respect them when they are working hard and give them the needed opportunity? How many of you pay them genuine salaries for what they have really worked for or slogged at work? I guess this question is an easy one. Most of the times when people are interviewing women questions appears like “Are you married?” [Oh she is married, she is going to get pregnant soon! I mean what the heck? Are you a GOD sitting at the other side of the table and contemplating all the odds] “Are you not married?”[Oh! then she is going to get married soon and will leave soon].

I am not saying this from only my own experiences but from many of my girl friends experiences too. And that is one of the Reason to contemplate Why you are not NEGOTIATING and taking a step forward to own your career in your hands.

I do believe that there are good men out there who don’t really believe in all this and just considered talent, skill set but come on how many of these decent human beings are alive?

Anyways, you don’t need to bother, you just need to think about yourself, your family when you are not negotiating.I do have six good reasons as to why WOMEN today should negotiate for themselves.

1) Do you know that on average women salary today is what men were getting 10 years back. Shocked! Yes you should be. Isn’t this a self explainable reason that don’t take things happening with you taken for granted and take a command and steer your life the way you want to be and not others. Even if at the cost of what people will think about you.

2) Move if you don’t like the place. You are not a tree. If you are not happy with the way things are going for you at your workplace then go ahead and take some hard decisions. I understand that sometimes circumstances aren’t easy with the family and job but it is your 10–12 hours a day that you are considering giving away daily. Aren’t you? According to 2015 released data from the ADP Workforce Vitality Report, the difference between men and women yearly wage growth, was more prominent for people who switched jobs as opposed to those that continued in the same jobs.

3) Consider the inconsistencies in jobs requiring similar education and accountability, or similar skills, but it is divided by gender. The median earnings of IT managers (mostly men) are 27 % higher than HR managers (mostly women), according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. I don’t see any reason as to why with same skills and education there is high disparity.

4) Increase your expectations from yourself. You have the skill set, understanding, and skill for the job. So don’t be just thankful for any salary provided. Always consider that your salary can be negotiable (I mean what is the harm in thinking), and that you don’t have to accept what is served on table with a smile. Be fearless when raising this concern but at the same time be prepared with your data. Work on it.

5) Support your women colleagues always, they maybe sailing in the same boat. Do not hesitate to reach out and support your women colleagues, they may also be having a tough situation to fight or has gone through a similar experience. Reach out to them, keep them motivated. I know it’s a difficult task but this is life I am talking about. It isn’t fair OR is it?

6) Just think it is your hard earned money/status/position that you are giving away. Do you really consider yourself for that position/hike etc and you have the data to support then why you are leaving? Isn’t it your hard earned or you are just faking it all. If you know what you have truly done then just have faith in you, it will not come easily to you, I know, but when it will you will cherish that against all odds. Believe in yourself truly.