Security and efficiency for your GraphQl API

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With all the libraries and online communities around these days, building graphql APIs is easy. Still, there are probably some questions in your mind. Like, how do we actually secure our server? And how do we restrict or whitelist certain queries to run on our server?

Do you see any issues with the above query type? We can have an infinite loop here and if someone runs this query against our server it could definitely crash our server…

Build a front-end client

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This blog is a part of a two-part series. In part one, we create the back-end server. Additionally, you can find the code for the entire tutorial on GitHub.

Set Up React-Apollo Client

Here we are going to use create-react-app to create our starter code. create-react-app

Build a back-end server

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This is a two-part series. In part one, we will learn what GraphQL is and what some of its advantages are. We’ll build a back end using GraphQL.

Functions that wait until they’re ready to continue

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With ES6, EcmaScript released a new way of working with functions. In this article, we will take a look at them and how and where we can use them

What Are Generator Functions?

Generator functions are a special type of function that allows you to suspend their execution so they are later resumed at any time.

function* generatorFunction() {…

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The this keyword in JavaScript has confused a lot of developers. Whether you are just starting your career in programming or you are an experienced developer. It confuses everyone alike.

Because every app needs a design system in place

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Nowadays, if you’ve ever tried to build a user interface, you might’ve come across many problems. Building these interface components is a very expensive and effort-consuming task. We have designers, product managers, and many developers working on a single project.

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We all know that JavaScript is arguably the most popular and widely used tool for building software these days, it seems as if javaScript has taken over the world of software development from building a website to web servers with NodeJs, with Electron on your machines and finally thanks to Facebook, with React Native, it’s native to your phone. There is no doubt it’s a Swiss Army Knife of building software. Everything that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript.

About me
My name is Sachin Thakur and i’m a full stack web developer. i’m working with NodeJs and ReactJs. I like learning new skills and constantly working on improving my skills. I enjoy building new things and solving problems, always ready to tackle new problems and finding optimal solution for a problem.
My mantra is to hold myself to high standards of a software development. This means that I am committed to: write the best code I can produce in the scope of the project, accountability, responsiveness, and setting clear expectations.

About me
Hey, my name is Sachin Thakur and I come from a background of computer science and engineering. I started doing web development during the second year of my college and I started with basic HTML5/CSS3 and a little bit of javascript. I started my journey with Udacity and it will be a great learning experience at Udacity if you are just getting started with HTML5/CSS3.

Sachin Thakur

I build stuff.

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