10 great works of philosophy, edited by Robert Paul Wolff

Here are some excerpts, some paraphrased, there will be more

“The keynote of Socrates’ faith is the belief that the unexamined life is not worth living. This is not a truth of science to be proven by deduction from axioms or experiments.

It is an appeal to our sense of our own dignity as rational creatures.

Can I respect myself — can I ask others to respect me — if I do not continually reflect upon the principles which guide my life?

Can I call myself fully human if I go from day to day blindly, sheeplike, failing to subject my life and my acts to rigorous critical examination?

Socrates bequeathed to philosophy a standard of seriousness of purpose which few men have been able to meet. But he bequeathed also a sense of the fascination, the delight, the sheer fun, of the intellectual life.

While the unexamined life was not worth living, the unlived life was not worth examining.

To paraphrase a famous remark by Kant, reflection without life is empty, and life without reflection is blind”

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