He requested that baroque music be played over the stereo, “to break the silences.” There were silences—long, considering pauses between thoughts.

Yet more and more, as I get more worldly and have the security of having survived, I feel that it is not necessary to be that far removed from the workings of daily life and the daily lives of people. Indeed, the older I get and the more I write, the more I feel it important to be a part of daily life . . . to know that it surrounds me as I work. I presently live in a large apartment on the West Side of New York City.

I’m more city-prone. Maybe the world is changing, too. Maybe solitude is best had in the midst of multitudes.

I’ve stopped in Macy’s and written on a dry-goods counter and then suddenly had a whole piece of writing for myself that was accomplished, where earlier in my life I felt I had to spend a week in a house somewhere in the country in order to get that. Conditions change.

It was imperative for me and my work that I keep everything simple and have practically nothing at all.

— - sumptuous essay

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