on saying the right thing, at the right place, at the right time.

Great article on rhetorical style from the art of manliness (with equal applications to the female)

Smart writing is simple writing.

Clear and simple writing is actually quite difficult to do. It requires you to think hard about your topic, get at its core, and then put that core in terms that your audience can understand. Here are a few tips on writing and speaking with greater clarity:

  • Don’t use a five dollar word when a fifty cent word would work just as well. If you have a choice between a fancy word and a plain word, go with the plain word..

Shorter, clearer, and punchier.

There are dozens more tips on making your writing or speeches clearer, but we have to move on. For more advice on writing with clarity, pick up a copy of the bible on clear and effective writing: Strunk and White Elements of Style. Another book I found insanely helpful is Legal Writing in Plain English. It’s geared towards lawyers, but the principles apply to writing and speaking in any field

For an extensive list of figures of speech, check out Silva Rhetoricae.

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