Why 2014 is one of my best years

It is very near the end of 2014. Normally and traditionally, we sum up the year as the year in review. Others might have done it, but today I'm going to do mine.

2014 has changed my life. Things started and things ended in this year. From now on, let me guide you through my year in review.

By the way, not only is it very long, but it is also my first year in review written in English.


My New Year card on Facebook

I started 2014 with the picture one the left with a quote I love, yes, I said it.

The year was started by an exam on the 3rd of January. It is called “7 basic subjects”. Even though I did not have to use it, I went to do the exam for fun.

Spherical panorama of my school.

Everything must come to its end, so did my high school life. I studied at Triam Udom Suksa Pattanakarn since grade 10. My high school life was incredible, we laughed, we fought, we did many things together. So, it was the very last time that I wore the high school uniform.

Now, I have rarely met my high school friends because our timetables are not the same. The differences cause the problems to arrange our meeting. Anyhow, we did make it. We had lunch together at Christmas and I'll tell you more in December’s section.

I went to the field training at Khao Chon Gai for 5 days. At first I thought would be tough, but indeed, it was not that tough. The sky there was splendid and spectacular. I wish I would have a chance to go there for star gazing again.

By the way, when I went there, I got a chance to fire an M16! which was spectacular!

At the last day of the month, I became a volunteer translator for Heavens-above.com.

Don’t be afraid of the dark, stars always shine above you.
— My New Year card on Facebook


The result of the test in January was out. I got the very terrible scores, but who cares? LOL! The subjects I got the highest score in was Thai (66/100), English (62.5/100), Social Studies (58/100). The worst score was Physics (16/100). That’s so rubbish. Haha.

After the first exam announced the scores, the second was on the way to me. The O-NET exam in February is the sole exam that I can take only once. So, it had more meanings to me than the 7 basic subject a little bit, again, a little bit. I think the O-NET exam was easy and I did it quite well.

The first strike at Blu-O in MEGA Bang Na. I was extremely lucky, so that I got 4 strikes. Not only was the day my good day, but it was a terrible day as well. Before I played bowling, I went ice-skating first. While I was ice-skating, I fell over and it was horribly hard and painful and I have never go ice-skating again (but if I have time and money, of course, I’ll go again).

2014 is a normal year so that it hasn’t got the 29th of February which is my birthday. What an ordinary year. :-P


Due to the bad water management of the previous government. We experienced the salty water for weeks. That was an experience that I never thought that I would face it in Bangkok.

We have an idiom in Thai, “ความวัวไม่ทันหาย ความควายเข้ามาแทรก”, which has quite the same meaning as “it never rains but it pours”. The old exam was not announced the score yet, the new came. The GAT & PAT examination was terrible. Even though I could do it, I did it well for some subjects.

It was about time that O-NET, the test in February, released the score. The highest scores were Thai (81/100), PE (77.5/100), English (74/100). For the worst was Art (43.5/100) but I don’t know why my score was bad, for art, because I did my best.

I went to Thailand national book fair at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre and I got a new book, New York 1st Time, which is a good book.

In this month, I became a friend with my friend at faculty on Facebook. He was the first one who added me and his name related to the word ‘first’.

And the month ended.


The place where the camp takes place.

I started the month with a camp I am acquainted with, POSN. I was a student in that camp but for this time, I was no longer a student any more, I became a staff.

Not only did I go there to be a staff, but I also took a game with me, 2048, and, guess what, everyone got addicted to that game.

Let me tell you how the game became famous in the camp. I was playing 2048 on my mobile and then my friend asked me what was it. I answered him the name and he said ‘it must be hard’. ‘Not at all’, I answered. Then, the game spread out quickly and few students read the books for the exam. (Feel a bit guilty, haha.)

The camp was fabulous, I saw the Milky Way and others.

The scores of the GAT & PAT exam (1st round) was out. The highest were GAT (in 2 parts) Thai (112.5/150), English (105/150). The worst was Maths (72/300), yes, it was terribly hard.

I went to the preparatory programme at my faculty, ICT, and I met new friends, both bad and good. To start a university life, I determined to not have arguments with my new friends because I know it is really bad and I started it before. So, I don’t want to let it happen again.

By the way, I also took the GAT & PAT exam again, but for 1 subject, GAT.

And the month ended with my new friends.


Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them — Newt Scamander

In this month, I purchased a book online for the first time and the book was Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter’s writer.

I went to a brand-new shopping centre in Chit Lom, Central Embassy. There are not many interesting things and shops there. It is filled with many brand name shops and the goods are extremely expensive. The toilets are the most interesting of the building. Comparing to the toilets at Terminal 21 which are quite complex to use. The toilets at Central Embassy are much harder than Terminal 21's.

The life must go on, but not for the lives of Yingluck’s cabinet. The coup d’état occurred in Thailand by General Prayuth Chan-O-Cha. But who cares? He hasn’t harmed us. So, I won't talk about this so much.

The second round GAT & PAT score was released. To be honest, I went to do the test just only English. So, the English score went up to 125/150 which I was very proud of myself. I am considering to do it better in the next round in 2015.

I got 16384 in 2048.

Let’s come back to our old friend, 2048. I was trying so hard to get 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384 and so on. But I stopped at 16384 because it took me so long time. I was playing this game for months and finally, I achieve 16384!

There is a website which is an experiment to guess your dialect and I got:

Our top three guesses for your English dialect:
1. English (UK)
2. Scottish (UK)
3. Irish (Southern)
Our top three guesses for your native (first) language:
1. English
2. Dutch
3. German

Yes! I just want it! By the way, so far you might notice that I use British English, but why? I’ll write a blog about it later.


The Prince Mahidol Hall in Mahidol University. Taken in June.

I’ll skip it. Nothing interesting.


We usually rode to Buddha Mondhol where is near the university. And I took this photo.

The main Buddha sculpture in Buddha Mondhol

And… few things interesting.


The 18th of August was the day that the term started. I was not that much interested and excited because of the preparatory programme in the months before. But I’m a little bit nervous about the classes. The day started with Technical English I which I studied with my teacher from the preparatory programme in summer and most of my friends are from there too. So, I was more relaxed.

At Mahidol University, we normally ride to the university. The transportation system in Mahidol is like developed countries. We have bicycle lanes, trams, few roads more bike lanes. People walk there, people use the university as a park. People gather with their families to do activities. There are so many trees. I just love this place!


I faced the most shocking situation in my life. But I won’t say about it because it is the secret and I don’t want it to be spread.

The ticket of the concert.

After facing the terrible things, I faced the really good thing. I went to a concert by Mahidol Symphony Orchestra which performed Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, etc. It was terrific, splendid, gorgeous, beautiful, worth, priceless, etc! I cannot describe it! It was my first time in a real classical music concert and the more important thing is the ticket price is only 100 THB!! That’s so cheap! comparing to BBC Proms’. If you want to know why I was so happy, you can take a look at this post on my Facebook (written in Thai).

I participated in the ACM — ICPC Programming Contest and because of my friend’s talents, we made it to the Asia final round.

In September, I also got a new mobile phone, ASUS Zenfone 4, because the old one, LG Optimus ME, cannot be used any more. (The battery was expired.) I think Zenfone series are very good phones to buy. Thus, if you’re looking for a new mobile with a resonable price, I recommend ASUS Zenfone!


I started a month with being at the first place in Tenses topic in the Quiz Up game. Unfortunately, because I had got a little amount of time, I didn’t last long, the first position was with another guy.

In this month, I found this article interesting and I wanted and tried to do it. Shamefully, I screwed it up. Here is the article I said:

A snake on my friend’s bicycle.

I had the midterm exams and I paid attention to it as much as I can. Oh! This happened when we were reading the books, we found this little boy at my friend’s bicycle. We were shocked! And somehow, we managed to get rid of it. Farewell, this little boy. (It was not dead.)

The exam was finished on the 17th of October and on that exact, the score for Problem Solving Techniques was released after I finished the Advanced Mathematics one. OMG!

My midterm scores were very good. The worst subject that I got the very bad score was Biology, you know, I give up to that crap. Oh! I also got the highest score in English (92/100), so if you want a tutor for English, you can contact me at @thmmrth on Twitter. ☺

I also went to the ACM-ICPC Thailand National Round at the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. We were really lucky, so that we passed through the ASIA Final round.

And the month ended with scores released.


I started the month with 5-metre-long homework! Yes, I wrote it correctly! 5 metres! The homework was about the Flood-Fill algorithm which is about recursive functions. So, when we call the function itself, it calls itself again and it causes a lot of headaches.

It was another time that I went to Music Auditorium, College of Music (MACM) for the TPO 10th Season Opening Concert. This time TPO (Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra) performed Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 which I had heard it only once. The song was very slow and, unexpectedly, I fell asleep. It was shameful that I slept while the famous piece of music was performed, but, you know, I was really tired so the classical music was a really good barbiturate.

On the 14th and 15th, we, MUICT_Reducto, went to Chulalongkorn University again for the ACM-ICPC Asia Final Round. The problems were extremely hard and the timetable was really bad. Those two things were not the important things. The most important thing was the food! And, unexpectedly, the food was quite terrible! What a shame! Thailand is the food paradise, why Chula made it that bad? Oh my gosh.

Not only did I go to Chula for ACM-ICPC, but I also went there to watch a film, Interstellar, and I think this one is incredibly brilliant. Interstellar not only is it good, but it is also scientifically accurate. So, if you haven’t watched this one, watch it at once!

In this month, I also did an experiment with myself. I stopped using Facebook for 4 days and I think it was a good experiment. Here is my first-day update on Medium, in case you’re interested:

I did go to do an interview for Young Webmaster Camp as well. Although I was not selected to be in the camp, I learnt many things from being interviewed.

An infographic about wind farms as seen on Slideshare.

Another Problem Solving Techniques came. This time the teachers asked us to do posters about wind farms and I got a topic ‘Where are they and how effective are they?’. I managed to do it as an infographic. And here is what I got. For me, I really appreciate my work and I think it is my best work so far. How? Because it looks professional, reliable, clean, and easy to read. Again, here is the link to this work on Slideshare.

This line is added just for adjusting the text. LOL


Here is the last month of the year. I will start the month with this picture.

The fireworks shot on the His Majesty the King’s birthday (5th December)

I went out with my friends to take photos of fireworks and it was the experience that I would never ever forget. Why? Becuase we were very near the place where the fireworks were shot. So, the gigantic fireworks exploded in the air very near us and the things we saw were incredible and unexpectedly beautiful.

It was very the final examination, we helped one another by having tutorial classes, posting summarised resources on Facebook, etc. I also participated in this tutorial as well. Five summaries were posted on Facebook by me. Here is the first, second, third, fourth and fifth (all of them are written in Thai).

The final came and they were incredibly bloody difficult. Anyway, I think I did it not quite bad so I am looking forward to see my grades.

On the 19th to the 21st of December, I went to Nong Nuch Camping & Resort again. This time, the first POSN olympiad camp just began (the April one was the second round). Three days and two nights at the camp were the moment I would never ever forget.

The sky full of stars. M31, M45 can be seen in this picture.
  • Meteors were seen, including fireballs.
  • The first time that I saw M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) by naked eyes.
  • I was able to find M31 through a telescope.
  • Omega Centauri (ω Cen; NGC 5139), a globular cluster, was taken in to the telescope and I took pictures of it.
An image of Omega Centauri.
  • I saw the winter part of the Milky Way for the first time.
  • I was able to recognise the M1 (Crab Nebula) through the telescope, (my friend took it into the telescope.)
  • Iridium Flares with magnitude -7.2
The -7.2-magnitude Iridium Flare. Image Courtesy of P’ Klod. First appeared on Facebook.
  • The Southern Crux constellation was able to be seen.
  • And, of course, the False Crux.
  • Et cetera.

After I came back from the camp, two days after, I went to an exhibition at Central Ladprao, NASA A HUMAN ADVENTURE. The exhibition is marvellous and excellent. There are many parts of rockets, space shuttles, etc. Not only are there replicas, but there are the real, used, sent-into-space modules as well. If you are interested in this exhibition, why don’t you take a look at my guide on Blogger (written in Thai)?

The replica of the International Space Station (ISS).

On the Christmas day, I went out in order to have lunch with my high school friends at Seacon Square. I started the day quite bad, the alarm didn’t ring so I was late for the meeting. I went to Seacon Square by taking Mahidol’s shuttle bus from Salaya to the Faculty of Science, Phayathai. While I was waiting for the bus to start its journey, there was a woman ask me, in English, if a man who is not a student in the university can take a bus. I said yes. She also asked whether he had to pay for the fare or not. I answered no, it’s free. And the man got on the bus. When the bus arrived at the Faculty of Science, I asked the man where he was going to. He said he was going to Ratchada and he asked me back where I was about to go. I answered him that I was going to the Phayathai Airport Rail Link station. He said that he would go there with me.

While we were walking there, we talked in English and I knew that he was the woman’s brother and he is a Burmese. The point I want to say is even though my English midterm score was very high, I still cannot communicate with foriegners in real life. I hasitated a lot and used grammatically wrong sentences. So, I think I am good at prepared speaking or even the impromptu because those are 0ne-way speaking, I speak you listen. But chatting is completely different for it is two-way speaking, you speak I listen, you listen I speak. And it is really hard for me to think of answers or questions to continue the conversation. So, speaking is, first and last, the thing that I need to improve as soon as possible, otherwise I would not live aboard with ease.

And, in the afternoon, I had lunch with my friends, it was very fun and exciting. We have never seen each other for a long time. So, love you guys so much.

I don’t know whether it is a Christmas miracle or not. But I do know my weaknesses and I know what to be improved. Thank to the things that made me discovered it.

Thank you 2014 for being a very good year. The year of starts. The year of ends. The year of improvments. The year of knowing myself. And the year of the year.

Thank you.

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