My Podcast List

I love podcasts.

I can still remember when I first discovered the medium.

I was blown away that I could download only my favorite shows and listen to them any time I wanted. Soon the selection of shows grew to include several of my individual interests.

My obsession grew with my list of subscriptions to shows.

Then last year, I decided to try the microphone out for myself with my very own Future of Agriculture Podcast.

As a business owner and a family man, my available time for consuming podcasts has decreased dramatically. Even though I always listen to shows at 1.5x speed (cool hack if you didn’t know), I still do not have time to listen to every interesting show.

However, here is a list of those that have made the cut for me. My interests are in entrepreneurship, agriculture, and marketing. I think you’ll find this list reflects those interests.

**DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to change this list at any time and plan to update as my listening habits change!

Agricultural Shows

Shark Farmer Podcast. Most entertaining show in agriculture. No contest. He has also been kind enough to join me on my show.

Ontario AgCast. I like Wendell’s casual approach and his perspective coming from animal Ag in Canada.

Story of Agriculture. Produced by the storytellers at Herdmark Media. This is an interview show with some very interesting guests. They have also allowed college students to guest interview, which I think is really cool.

Off Farm Income. Many of these episodes are about FFA projects and other agricultural entrepreneurs. Matt was one of the first podcasters that I reached out to when I wanted to start my own show. He has always been very personable and helpful. He even had me on his show and has been on mine!

Talking Biotech Podcast. I’m not sure how Kevin would feel about being included as an “Ag” podcast, but every good agriculturalist should strive to better understand the science behind what we do. Kevin’s podcast will make you smarter!

Entrepreneurship/Marketing Shows

The James Altucher Show. I’m a HUGE fan of James Altucher. I first discovered him on Quora, where his answers have been viewed over 50 MILLION times. I try to read everything he writes and listen to every one of his interviews.

The GaryVee Audio Experience. GaryVee has influenced just about every single opinion I have about marketing. If you’re looking for tips, tricks, and hacks, then this is NOT the show for you. If you’re looking for philosophy and great ways to look at marketing and entrepreneurship, you’ll love this.

Smart Passive Income. This podcast by Pat Flynn changed my life. I’ve listened to every episode. I give Pat credit for making me believe that I really could build a business of my own. Most of this content is specific to ONLINE income, but it’s extremely useful.

Building A Storybrand Podcast. Donald Miller is the expert on storytelling. He has used this expertise to help brands tell their stories to customers. The show covers a lot of topics but I always find his content extremely useful.

The Side Hustle Show. In this show, Nick Loper shares stories of people who have successfully started businesses on the side. I find these stories inspiring the the principles useful for anyone with an entrepreneurial mind.

StartUp Podcast. When you listen to this or any other show by Gimlet Media, you’ll have a hard time going back to just plain old interview podcasts. Alex Blumberg and his team do a masterful job of telling the story of what it’s like to start and run a business. The amount of transparency and vulnerability in these stories is palpable.

Miscellaneous Shows

Fresh Air. This long-running NPR show with Terry Gross interviews important people from a variety of walks of life. Actors, musicians, politicians, business leaders, and more. I admire Terry’s interview style.

The Way I Heard It. Mike Rowe tells a riveting story in less than five minutes. He describes his show as “short mysteries for the curious mind with the short attention span”.

There are many other FANTASTIC podcasts out there, but these are the ones that have recently been capturing my attention. Just trying to keep up with the shows above, plus my own, takes up all of my allotted podcast time.

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

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