Designers not Artists

Image from unsplash

It all starts with one word, a word that should the most important word to every designer’s vocabulary.The word is…, you guessed it, FEEDBACK.

You can differentiate between a designer and an artist by how they accept FEEDBACK for their work.

Some “designers” get offended by other people’s opinion about their work,that’s wrong in any way, shape or form; a designer should be more interested in people opinions than anyone else. A good designer should welcome FEEDBACK and be willing to make changes to their designs according to the opinion of others, in most cases at least.

“Designers” that don’t want to adapt their designs based on what people say or think they are not designers they are ARTISTS which is not bad but a totally different thing!

Let me put it this way, if someone said to Salvador Dali:

Dude what’s up with these melted clocks? They look unreal as fuck!

The Persistence of Memory — Salvador Dalí

Dali would most likely reply, “screw you” and thats the right answer.Because Salvador Dali was an artist and drawings were his medium of expression and he could do whatever he wanted with it!

I think we can all agree that screens are designer’s mediums (and FEEDBACK is their applause) but they are a totally different type of medium as it most likely will have a more direct impact to people’s lives. That is the main reason all everyone affected by them should have a say!