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Unagi is (not) a state of mind.

If you’ve seen “The one with the Unagi” episode (S6E17) from the popular TV series “Friends”, you already know what Unagi is, and what it is not.

Unagi, as seen on Friends

In this episode, Rachel and Phoebe went on a self-defense class and bragged about how they could beat anybody’s ass. Ross disagreed with them and told them that after all these years of studying “karatey”, he learned that in order to defend yourself you need to learn “what the Japanese call” Unagi first.

According to Ross, Unagi is a state of total awareness, and only by achieving true Unagi, you can be prepared for any danger that may befall you. However, Phoebe, Rachel, and Chandler, told him that Unagi is a type of sushi, and specifically a roll made by a freshwater eel.

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Visual Search and image recognition are two features that could be proven essential in technology in the near future. With the aid of artificial intelligence and its algorithms, these features can improve customer experience to a great extent.

Moreover, let’s see why artificial intelligence is so important to visual search, and how strong is its impact on marketing. According to ViSenze, an AI startup company, a percentage of 62% of millennials have stated that one of their main desires for a great digital shopping experience is the ability to have visual search. Apart from that, a percentage of 80% is discovering products while on the go. Visual content is more effective in many ways, as 90% of the information that is transmitted to our brains is visual.

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Photo by Kartik Singhal on Unsplash

If you thought that two or three phrases about the name “John” were good enough, you’re wrong. Here are 20 phrases about Greece’s second most common name, John.

1. “Sometimes John can’t, sometimes his ass hurts”

A person who often uses excuses to avoid doing something.

“Πότε ο Γιάννης δεν μπορεί , πότε ο κώλος του πονεί”

2. “John is afraid of the beast, and the beast is afraid of John”

Mostly used in a confrontation where both sides are afraid of each other.

“Φοβάται ο Γιάννης το θεριό και το θεριό τον Γιάννη”

3. “Not John, little John”

When someone suggests a distinction that actually doesn’t have any difference. Similar to “toma(y)to, toma(h)to.

“Όχι Γιάννης, Γιαννάκης”

4. “Everyone talks about the chariots and John talks about the pie”

A person who does what he wants, without caring for others. …

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Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Customer experience can be also described as a battleground. A good experience will make customers return to a store a couple of times, a bad one however will make him leave and never return. Customer journey map can be a strong ally in this battle.

According to L. Abbott the true desire of customers is not to just buy a product, but to buy an experience. In that manner, we understand that decision making and customer experience should be based on human behaviour instead of focusing only on selling a product.

The design and the good management of a customer experience from the brand, are two necessary factors in order to survive in the marketing field. Companies should design an experience for the customer, in order to create an emotional connection between brand and company. Customer journey mapping is an essential tool for this procedure, as it combines creativity, brand awareness, and a huge influence on customers. In addition, the map can create the story of a client. A map can help the client meet the brand, get involved with it, and finally create a long term relationship with it. …

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Photo by BENCE BOROS on Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be essential in evolving new technologies that can influence our daily lives and improve business efficiencies and capabilities.

One of those technologies that artificial intelligence augments in modern society is none other than voice recognition. Voice recognition is an artificial intelligence technology that identifies a speaker, and then processes, interprets and responds to the speaker. Its ability to translate human speech into text is also called as ASR (Automated Speech Recognition).

This technology is used in an array of applications. Healthcare, banking

One of the most popular devices with speech recognition is Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Siri was the first voice assistant that has been created by a mainstream tech company. It uses a natural-language user interface, which allows it to listen to the user, answer his questions and make recommendations, but also perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Internet services. There is an estimation that the voice recognition market will have a value of $28 billion by 2026 , which shows the importance of this technology in the future. …

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Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

Since the last decade, it is clear that the product recommendation techniques have been increased rapidly, in digital marketing, social media and businesses. It is widely known that companies such as Ebay, Netflix and Spotify have invest a lot of money on product recommendation and machine learning algorithms. In this article, I will present you a very brief presentation of how product recommendation benefits the marketing world.

With product recommendation, companies can learn more about the profiles of their clients. With this tool, they can invest more methodically on their approach and recommendation on their products. As a result, brands’ customer loyalty will be increased, and have a better profit. …

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

LinkedIn is a useful tool for job-seekers, professionals, companies, and many more. I’ve joined LinkedIn 3 years ago, but I’ve decided to become more active just a month ago.

Apart from some interesting job positions, experiences from people, and engaging articles, I’ve encountered a lot of ads, random content, and multiple copypastas.

Here’s a very unoriginal way to explain what a copypasta is:

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Bethesda’s 2006 video game “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” has been praised by fans and critics because of its fun gameplay, interesting plot, and its detail in character development, among others.

But probably one of the reasons that Oblivion has regained its popularity in recent years, is its chaotic “Radiant” Artificial Intelligence. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s an excellent preview:

But why did Bethesda decided to focus on Artificial Intelligence on their NPCs, and why is it called Radiant? …

If you’re a lover of stunning views, beautiful beaches, lovely islands, and a magnificent sunset, look no further than South Croatia. The Dalmatian coast is one of the most underrated gems of Europe, but it’s also widely popular among Game of Thrones fans since many of the show’s filming sites can be found in Dubrovnik, one of the most popular cities in Croatia, and the beautiful city of Split.

Croatia is one of the best places to visit, and here we present you ten of the most breathtaking beaches to sail to.

1. Bačvice

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Bačvice beach is probably one of the most popular ones in the Split area. It’s a sandy beach with many sunbeds and it’s very popular among locals and tourists who visit Croatia to have fun. …

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Facebook desperately tried to hide its massive data scandal, but failed to do immensely. Its reputation is still damaged after this crisis, and now it is time to show why this happened, and what could Facebook do to prevent this scandal.

The crisis had already grown its first roots back in April of 2010, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a platform named “Open Graph”. This platform allowed third party developers to access Facebook users’ data.

In 2013 Cambridge academic Aleksandr Kogan and his company Global Science Research created an app called “thisisyourdigitallife”. …


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