Dota 2 Season 2015–2016 Recap (part 1)

Well, this is my very first blog post in my life. I usually write on Facebook notes but decide to try something else that gives better readability. Let’s start.

In this post I’m going to narrate a great journey of Dota 2 pro scene from my perspective though the series of tournament highlights. Several epic games happened this year and it was indeed a roller-coaster of emotion for all fans. Since I’m a huge OG fangay so be prepared for a bias article here :D

  1. The Reshuffle

Similar to every single year, the month after TI has been a messy period for all pros and fans to follow who’s going where. EG kicked Aui for RTZ, Secret kicked all player except Puppey and rebuilt from scratch. Fans were very excited for these 2 team new roster. OG (monkey business), Liquid (5Jungz) and Wings were also formed during this period. As we already know, these were only 3 teams which stayed together until the end of the season and grabbed a lot of trophies along the way.

2. The new EU rivalries

Team: (monkey)Business vs Liquid
Date: 12 Oct 2015
Tournament: Frankfurt Major EU Qualifiers — Winners Bracket Game 2

The clash between 2 newly formed teams in EU major qualifier marked the debut of one of the greatest rivalry during the 2015–2016 season. Both teams shared the same storyline of captain coming from Team Secret with an attempt to form a team with ‘friends’. In this game, we witnessed the classic OG.Miracle SF tower push with 2 defensive supports and a healing ward. Sick play from Kuro’s Crystal Maiden and MindControl’s Clockwerk made this one of the best game in the major qualifier.

3. Blblblblblblblbl

Team: Alliance vs Liquid
Date: 12 Oct 2015
Tournament: Frankfurt Major EU Qualifiers —Losers Bracket Game 3

Oh my god. This isn’t Dota anymore, this is some other PvE game at this point — Lyrical 
The tree apocalypse — Merlini

Trust me, Alliance is the only team in the world who can pull out something like this.

4. The Broken NiP

Team: Alliance vs NiP
Date: 13 Oct 2015
Tournament: Frankfurt Major EU Qualifiers — Losers Bracket Finals Game 3

Alliance has only 1 building left and ….. win the game. NiP disbanded after this.

5. EG vs Secret — Part 1: w33Ranger and RTZ Ember

Team: EG vs Secret
Date: 18 Oct 2015
Tournament: MLG World — Grand Final Game 3 & 4

The first modern ‘El Clasico’ in this season. This is a tournament where the nickname ‘w33Ranger’ started to flow around the scene. And also RTZ Ember.. LUL (he did play really well this game though)

Note: This is a first LAN trophy for EternalEnvy and PLD in a long time.

6. EG vs Secret — Part 2: The EternalEnvy Show

Team: EG vs Secret
Date: 20 Nov 2015
Tournament: Frankfurt Major — Winners Bracket Game 1

Basically 2 best teams at that moment facing each other, nothing but hype.

In my opinion, this game is the best game of this season in terms of level of execution. No sloppy plays at at all, just two teams displayed their best skills and played out of their minds. The net worth looked grim for Secret in the first 30 minutes. EternalEnvy’s Ember Spirit was on the quest to lead his fellows to victory with his twin-blades, and the Rapiers.

7. 8 0 0 0 M A T C H M A K I N G P O I N T S

Team: VP vs OG
Date: 19 Nov 2015
Tournament: Frankfurt Major — Losers Bracket Game 3

Now you might be thinking:”How the hell does a team function like that? Let alone win?!”. Well that’s because this is the environment Miracle- is used to playing in his 8000 Ranked MM games. He ends up playing anti-mage or SF and carries the game 1v9. We are simply re-creating the environment in which he excels: Miracle + four 4k mmr teammates — Moonmeander

8. The MoonShaker

Team: EG vs OG
Date: 21 Nov 2015
Tournament: Frankfurt Major — Losers Bracket Finals Game 2

One-man wrecking crew here.

9. The Battle of the Prodigy

Team: EG vs OG
Date: 21 Nov 2015
Tournament: Frankfurt Major — Losers Bracket Finals Game 3

If there’s a player who can just straight outclass Arteezy, that guy is definitely Miracle-

10. King of Lower Bracket

Team: Secret vs OG
Date: 21 Nov 2015
Tournament: Frankfurt Major — Grand Finals Game 2

OG’s miraculous lower bracket run finally came to the hardest challenge, team Secret. Game 2 of the grand finals could be the best game of tournament after the EE Rapier game. The game swung back and forth, with sick defensive plays from supports to keep their team in the game. After this hard-fought battle, OG proceeded to claim the Eaglesong and became the first team to win the Valve major tournament.

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