Dota 2 Season 2015–2016 Recap (part 2)

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11. w33voker & PieLionDie

Team: Secret vs Liquid
Tournament: Shanghai Major — Winner Bracket Finals Game 2
Date: 5 March 2016

Team Secret with the 2nd Major Winner Bracket Finals. This time it was Liquid instead of EG but that didn’t affect the epicness of the battle. Team Liquid really had a good really game but just one huge outplay by Pie and w33 completely turned the game into Team Secret’s favor.

12. The wolves need no armor

Team: Secret vs Liquid
Tournament: Shanghai Major — Grand Finals Game 2
Date: 6 March 2016

Team Secret on the another attempt to win their first Major tournament. But this time team Liquid struck them back with the armies of wolves and Necronimicons.

13. w33voker and w33Ranger (and the jungle draft)

Team: Secret vs Liquid
Tournament: Shanghai Major — Grand Finals Game 3 & 4
Date: 6 March 2016

The last 2 games of the Shanghai Major grand finals can be more or less described as ‘The w33 show’ as his Invoker and w33Ranger were really impressive as he just dismantled team Liquid into pieces. This made Puppey the first player in the history to win 2 Valve events (TI1 was his first). Jacky also proved that he could be a tier 1 carry when the team composition is right.

14. Look who’s back

Team: Na’vi vs VG.R
Tournament: SL i-League — Grand Finals Game 1
Date: 17 April 2016

The SL i-League marked the full comeback of Na’Vi after a complete disband and months of trying out new players. However, FY, who decided to leave the main squad and started his own, wanted to prove that he’s right. The first game in the grand final saw the massive play on Nature’s Prophet by Ditya Ra who kited the hell out of Zyf’s Gyrocopter and slew him exactly when the Aegis expired. Eventually, Na’Vi proceeded to lose 3–1 but this achievement alone were enough to grant them both a direct invite to the Manila Major.

15. What a nice weather here

Team: Secret vs Empire
Tournament: ESL Manila 2016 — Lower Bracket Game 2
Date: 23 April 2016

This game is described as one the most epic game in 2016 for many reasons. The classic stolen-blackhole turnaround at the 67 minutes of the game was one of the best teamfight ever in the history of Dota (and of course the caster was none other than Tobiwan). The UI glitch started to appear after that exact teamfight made this really special. At the time around this game, w33ha, who was kicked from team Secret, tweeted one of the classic meme ever ‘What a nice weather here’.

16. 29/9 = 3.22

Team: OG vs Newbee
Tournament: Epicenter 2016 — Winner Bracket Game 1
Date: 12 May 2016

Newbee was on the hot streak of 29 consecutive wins without dropping any single game. OG, on the contrary, was not on their top form at all after a disappointing performance at Shaghai Major, Dotapit and SL i-League. OG dominated the early game and gave Miracle- a really good networth lead. Then, 3154 happened. Nevertheless, since 29/9 (9 is 9k MMR of Miracle-) is equal to 3.22. We all could guess what’s going to happen LUL

17. The Pinoy Hero

Team: Fnatic vs LGD
Tournament: Manila Major — Lower Bracket Game 3
Date: 8 June 2016

DJ, one of the best support SEA ever had, landed the best Black Holes of his life in the clutch elimination game 3 of the lower bracket. And since he’s the only remaining Pinoy playing on his home soil, the crowd was going absolutely freaking nuts.

18. The return of El Clasico

Team: Na’Vi vs Alliance
Tournament: Manila Major — Lower Bracket Game 2
Date: 8 June 2016

An official return of El Clasico after both could finally declared that ‘they’re back’. It should be an easy 2–0 for Swedes judging from how game 2 went (Loda even song stolen the Aegis). However, there is no ‘surrender’ word in Na’Vi dictionary as they made a miraculous comeback with a 4-man buying Boots of Travel TPed on Dendi’s Nyx. Totally classic Na’Vi pulling the least expected shit right here.

19. Let it go, let it go.

Team: OG vs Newbee
Tournament: Manila Major — Winner Bracket Game 3
Date: 11 June 2016

It looked like an easy game as all three cores of OG secured a sizable lead after the first 20 minutes. However, Newbee’s late game potential started to ramp up as the game proceeded. Miracle- made clutch buybacks 2 times to keep OG in advantage. But the best moment of the game appeared at 43.40 minutes where the position 5 Crystal Maiden channeled her Freezing Field and sent 2 Newbee’s core to the grave. Twitch chat just got spammed with ‘Let it gooooooo’.

20. The King of Upper Bracket and Momma Moon

Team: OG vs Liquid
Tournament: Manila Major — Grand Final Game 2,3,4
Date: 12 June 2016

This series could be the best Notail’s performance during his time in OG as he carried the hell out in this grand final with Juggernaut, Sven and an unexpected pick Wraith King in the last game of the tournament (and became 95th hero to be picked). Moon also showed up with flashy plays in the grand final after a quite stable performance in the previous round. Liquid was crushed even they had their signature heroes such as Jerax’s ES and Matumbaman’s Lycan. A complete outdraft and outplay by OG. (who would have thought that an unpick hero like Wraith King was a bane to Lone Druid as Critical Strike deals 500% damage to the Spirit Bear).

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