Life After Twitter
Ginny McQueen

Twitter isn’t a true social network, like Facebook. It’s actually a media or marketing vehicle that looks like a social network. I shall elaborate further:

On Twitter, bots are bought to artificially inflate an account’s status, or for more serious purposes like spreading false news or perform acts of necromancy by resurfacing old news that stir up enthusiasm or distract from more serious problems. Bots are often used for dishonest purposes like misrepresenting public sentiment, in which millions start tweeting for or against a certain topic, and that can shift public perception. This is called “astroturfing” that floods the TL, drowning out dissenters, forcing them to feel uncomfortable to fight against a vast majority, and this creates a feedback loop.

There are about 20 million automated users on twitter, and they continue to squeak by filters, as well as us ourselves. We accept bots due to the culture of returning favors rather than a strict logical evaluation of their purported humanity.

This weaponizing of bots to spread fake and misleading information is nothing new, unfortunately. And I am sorry to say that you’ve likely become a victim of this smear, because those shit-disturbers are part and parcel of the same cesspool that funds this bot revolution.

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